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The School Parliament has been up and running for many years and has resulted in a wide range of suggestions from the children that have been put into action to improve the school such as new litter bins in the playgrounds, larger drinks with school dinners, playground equipment at lunchtimes, change in uniform policy and a change in the way football is played at lunchtime. The School Parliament consists of one representative from each class and meets regularly so that the school has a direct line of communication to listen to the pupil voice.

The Parent Council is organised in a similar fashion. The Parent Council is a forum for parents and carers to raise issues about the school and to give feedback about subjects raised by other parents and also by the school. The representatives from each class meet regularly with the Head-teacher to achieve the following objectives.

The Objectives of the Parent Council are:

Who can be a Parent Council Representative?

Parent Council Representatives 2020-21

3B - 

3P - 

3IB -

4G - 

4L - 

4R - 

5M - 

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5P - 

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