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Educational Visits

School Trips

Why we offer school trips?
Memories of school educational trips are among the most prominent of the formative years, largely because they are a welcome break in the routine for both students and teachers. While their purpose is essentially to educate, they can also be a fun bonding experience for everyone involved.

The trip can reinforce what a teacher has been instructing in class about a subject and help students understand the topic better.

Teachers turn trips into mobile classrooms, instructing students to collect data, then quizzing them or assigning a project based on what they learned during the outing.

Taking students into a new environment gives them the experience of travelling in a group and teaches them to be respectful of the locations they visit.

Children get to visit a place to which they have never been before. This can be particularly advantageous to students who are less fortunate and don't have the opportunity to travel.

Students who go on Educational trips find that they want to learn more about the subjects on which the trip focused.

The type of memories that Educational trips create, called “episodic memories,” helps children retain information for longer periods.

We value the support families give towards our trips and events programme. Without their support we would not be able to offer the range of activities that we do. Financial support is available in accordance with our Charging Policy. Talk to the Business Manager in confidence if you require assistance.

Year 5 – World War 2 Residential
In the Spring term Year 5 children are evacuated from Upminster to The Lincolnsfield Children’s Centre in Bushey for a 1940’s experience. This experience is part of their World War II topic.
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1940s Experience 2018

Year 6 PGL
In the Summer term Year 6 have the opportunity to participate in our residential trip to PGL Windmill Hill, situated in Hailsham, in West Sussex. 
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PGL - Medical, Dietary and Kit list

The trip information contained on this website is subject to change or amendment.

Year 3 Trips - to be confirmed

Trip/Visit Related topic/theme/subject Desired Impact on learning Preferred dates
Stone Age / Rock Man Visit History: The Stone Age To learn about life in the Stone Age Autumn 1
  Science Rocks To learn about rock classification, purpose and properties  
Colchester Zoo Science: Rainforest To identify species of plants Spring 2
  Animals, plants and adaptation To study habitats and endangered species  
Colchester Castle History: The Romans To learn about the Celts and Romans Summer 1
    How artefacts tell us about the past  

Year 4 Trips - to be confirmed

Trip/Visit Related topic/theme/subject Desired Impact on learning Preferred dates
Viking Workshop Viking Invaders Experience life as a viking Autumn 1
Tower of London Normans Experience Norman life Autumn 2
Robot Workshop Invaders (Robots ICT) Learn how to program a controllable toy Autumn 2
Belhus Woods Nature See nature in it's natural habitat Summer 1

Year 5 Trips - to be confirmed

Trip/Visit Related topic/theme/subject Desired Impact on learning Preferred dates
Royal Observatory Science: Earth and Beyond Planets in space /Phases of the moon Autumn 1
Leeds Castle Victorian 
History: Hard Times How children were taught in a Victorian school Autumn 2
V&A Childhood Museum Design & Technology Understand how Victorian toys were designed Autumn 2
Imperial War Museum History: Keep Calm and Carry On How WW2 started Spring 1
WW2 Residential
Lincolnsfield Centre
History: Dig for Victory How people lived in the UK during WW2 Spring 2
River Ingrebourne Georgraphy: Water World Features of a river Summer 1
Upminster Heritage Trail History: Upminster me out of here! Understand local history of Upminster Summer 2
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