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Music Tuition


September 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t we stay on the old system?

    We do not have the staffing resources to administrate music and sport as in previous years. Also, parental feedback was that paying half-a-term in advance was difficult to budget; we would request fees in May for lessons that would happen in December and this was proving difficult for many families. Most of the peripatetic music teachers are already supplied to us by Havering Music School, who are the specialist teaching hub for the borough. They have a long history of providing excellent tuition, and have an excellent programme for developing the whole musician. This programme has been running successfully in many Havering Schools for several years, so we are bringing it to Upminster Infants and Juniors.

  • Why is it more expensive?

    For many years, the school had absorbed the non-teaching costs, and for some instruments, prices had not risen for several years. School could not have continued to offer tuition at the existing rates – some instruments would have been facing a 60% increase. HMS fees are the same across all their Havering schools. However, the contact time children will receive is increasing dramatically.

  • What does my child do as part of the package?

    Each child on a Gold/Silver/Bronze

    package will receive:

    • a specialist lesson on their chosen instrument (eg flute, voice)
    • a group lesson in theory/musicianship appropriate to their knowledge level
    • an ensemble (eg guitar ensemble, show choir, recorders)

    Ensemble only options may include Y2/3 recorders, Y3 drumming.

  • Do I get more for my money?

    Yes, the scheme is designed to develop an all-round musician by access to a range of activities suitable for the child’s age and musical development. Your child will spend more time with trained professionals, embedding the skills learnt in lessons. All activities are delivered on site here at UJS/UIS, with the option to access additional ensembles or Summer School on the Silver and Gold packages.

  • My child plays a second instrument – what will that cost?

    Reduced rates are available for second/third instruments. Please contact Havering Music School for a detailed quote for your child’s needs, however, as a ready reckoner:

    • second instrument Bronze: £22.75/month
    • second instrument Silver: £36.83/month
    • second instrument Gold: £59.58/month

    We may schedule one of the lessons away from class-time to ensure that your child doesn’t miss too much curriculum time. Year 6’s will be timetabled to miss minimal curriculum time. If your child already attends the Saturday or Weekday Music School you can just add your Upminster-taught lesson onto your existing direct debit by emailing the Music School.

  • What about the Orchestra?

    The Upminster Junior School Orchestra, along with the curriculum choirs, and the Festival/Young Voices choirs will not be part of this scheme in September 2018. Children will be invited based on commitment to their instrument & behaviour once they reach an appropriate standard.

  • My child doesn’t play an orchestral instrument

    Previously, guitarists, pianists, singers and some percussionists never had the opportunity for invitational group music making as they weren’t eligible for orchestra. The new ensemble system gives them the opportunity to rehearse with others, developing their listening and participation skills.

  • I can’t afford the fees

    You can move up/down levels with a months’ notice to HMS. Subsidies are offered for children in receipt of Free School Meals, and you will be notified of these by the school.

  • What lessons can I have on site at Upminster?
    • Singing/Voice (individual lessons only, ie Silver or Gold)
    • Piano (individual lessons only, ie Silver or Gold)
    • Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
    • Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
    • Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Recorder (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
    • Recorder ensemble (Ideal for Y2 or Y3 children)
    • Trumpet/Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium/Baritone/Tuba (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
    • Samba drumming ensemble (Y3)
    • Drum Kit/Tuned Percussion/Drumming (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

    Talk to Havering Music School if your child’s needs are not listed or if you are unsure of the most suitable option. There are enquiry forms on their website.

  • What equipment do I need?

    Most instruments can be rented from Music School (current annual fee £35.00). These can be ‘upgraded’ as your child grows into larger instruments. Pianists will need access to a piano or a quality keyboard (preferably with ‘weighted’ keys). You will occasionally need to buy smaller items such as music, reeds, strings etc, but the teacher will advise.

  • How do I know about progress?

    You’ll be able to hear your child improving as they practice. There will be end-of-year recitals in July, and also performance opportunities throughout the year. A formal report will be issued at the end of the year. They may also be progressing through graded exams.

What do I do next?

Return the application form to Havering Music School. Please call HMS (01708 450313) if you have any general questions. For more specific advice please complete a general enquiry form on their website: www.haveringmusicschool.org.uk

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