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At Upminster Junior School we aim to foster a life-long enjoyment and confidence in mathematics.The curriculum has been developed with breadth to ensure a rounded understanding of concepts and an ability to select and apply efficient methods to solve problems. Value is placed on practical approaches to learning new concepts in all year groups and there are challenges that encourage pupils to develop a deeper understanding of the skills and concepts they have mastered.

Our support programme includes the use of Plus 1 & Power of 2 interventions carried out on a one-to-one basis, three times a week. Support staff also use manipulatives such as Numicon and Cuisenaire Rods to aid recall and understanding.

Our upper school is organised to make good use of one of our mathematics specialists, reducing class sizes for maths lessons and grouping to challenge our most able mathematicians.

Every year we have a mathematics week. This is an opportunity for classes to look at mathematics in creative ways. The origins of number systems, puzzles, famous mathematicians and mathematics in art are explored. We also have guest speakers who talk about the place mathematics has in their jobs and the upper school run an exciting mathematics workshop for years 3 and 4.

Some of the approaches to teaching mathematics have changed in recent years, so we are happy to offer an annual calculation workshop, to familiarise parents with these new approaches and help them support their children.

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